Danny and His Thumb, by Kathryn F. Ernst. "Danny sucks his thumb. He has sucked it ever since he was a baby. He likes the way his thumb tastes. He feels comfortable and happy with his thumb in his mouth. Then one September day, shortly after school begins, Danny makes a discovery about himself and begins to feel very differently about his thumb. Totally simple and reassuring, Danny and His Thumb can be enjoyed by all children, but will make particular sense to those who have not yet broken the habit." (Ages 4-8) 1973

David's Windows, by Alice Low. "David likes looking. He lives in the city, where there is always something to see out of his window. And he loves to look in the windows along the city streets. The only trouble is, David's mother never has time to stop. Like most people with busy lives, she is always rushing, rushing, rushing. Today she is hurrying David to catch a train to Grandma's. She tugs him past the puppy in the pet shop window, and there's no time to watch the pizza man twirling dough. On the train alone, David has plenty of time to look as the train takes him out of the city and into the country. And happily, he discovers that Grandma doesn't rush and likes to look at everything as much as he does. This warm and simple story illustrates a child's natural curiosity and openness and conveys the pleasure that comes from taking the time to appreciate and share the sights, sounds, and smells all around us." (Ages 3-5) 1974

Days of the Blackbird: A Tale of Northern Italy. "In this elegant tale, Tomie dePaola imagines how Le Giornate della Merla, the Days of the Blackbird, came to be celebrated. Gemma and her father, Duca Gennaro, live in a house with a Great Hall and a courtyard that fills with birds of all colors through the spring and summer. They all sing to the duke, but his favorite and most loyal bird is La Colomba. When the duke falls ill and Gemma is worried, La Colomba refuses to fly south, even though snow and fierce winds swirl down on the village. Each day she sings to Duca Gennaro. In a painterly style reminiscent of Italian frescoes, Tomie dePaola gives us breathtaking glimpses of the Italian mountains through high windows and arched doorways, and of the exquisite courtyard and magnificent interiors of Duca Gennaro's house. A moving and beautiful story for all ages." (Ages 4-8) 1997

The Eagle and the Rainbow: Timeless Tales From Mexico, by Antonio Hernandez Madrigal. "Journey through time to the lands of the mighty Aztecs, the eternal Mayas, Curicaveri, God of Fire, and others with the stories and legends of the great tribes of Mexico. Run with Tahui as he overcomes a devastating illness to participate in the annual Great Race. Rejoice when Atzimba saves the tribe from the wrath of the volcano. Discover how Fast as Deer brings a rainbow to his people, saving them from drought and famine. These and other tales are lovingly retold by Antonio Hernandez Madrigal and deftly illustrated by Tomie dePaola, award-winning illustrator and writer. Filled with insight and wisdom, these tales of ancient traditions will be shared and enjoyed by readers of all ages." (Ages 8-10) 1997

An Early American Christmas. eBook "In the early 1800s, Christmas wasn't celebrated as elaborately as it is today. In fact, some early Americans avoided celebrating it altogether. Here, Tomie dePaola imagines what it might have been like for a German family, with its rich Christmas traditions from 'the old country,' to move to a small New England town that shunned the holiday. From making bayberry candles to handcrafting 'hearts of man' and other decorations to cutting down a tree, 'the Christmas family' joyously prepares for Christmas." (Ages 4-8) 1987

Edward, Benjamin & Butter, by Malcolm Hall. "Edward Tapir is bringing a pound of butter to his gloomy friend Benjamin Horse so that he can have melted butter on his oatcakes. Before he gives Benjamin his present, Edward decides to play a trick to cheer him up. Somehow the trick doesn't work out the way he'd planned, and soon Edward realizes that the joke is on him." (Ages 5-8) 1981

The Emperor's New Clothes: An All-Star Illustrated Retelling of the Classic Fairy Tale, written by others, and illustrated by Tomie dePaola, and others. "In this bold, hilarious, and sumptuously illustrated book, Hans Christian Andersen's beloved fairy tale is given star treatment. The celebrity cast includes renowned actors and actresses, award-winning illustrators, and many other highly acclaimed personalities whose talents are outshined only by their generosity." "The Imperial Throne," as told by Rosie O'Connell, illustrated by Tomie dePaola. (All Ages) 1998

Erandi's Braids, by Antonio Hernandez Madrigal. IN PRINT "Erandi is excited. Tomorrow is her birthday, and Mama has promised her a present. But tomorrow brings unexpected worries for Erandi. Their fishing net is so full of holes that Mama says she will have to buy a new one. Where will they get the money for a net - and a present for Erandi? Erandi is sure everything is all right when they go to Senora Andrea's store and buy her a yellow dress. But instead of going home, Mama heads for Miguel's Barber Shop. Erandi knows that the hair buyers from the city are there, to buy the beautiful thick black braids of the village women. Is Mama going to sell Erandi's braids? Antonio Hernandez Madrigal draws on a past custom of buying the hair of the Tarascan women, in Mexico, in this tender story of a little girl's selflessness. Tomie dePaola captures the vivid colors of Patzcuaro in exquisite illustrations of the village and the lovely faces of the Tarascan people who live there." (Ages 3-5) 1999