Maggie and the Monster, by Elizabeth Winthrop. "Every night a little monster with hairy feet comes into Maggie's room. She crashes into the furniture. She crawls under the table. She sits down on the chair and grumbles to herself. 'Get out of my room!' Maggie shouts, but the monster doesn't pay any attention. What does the monster want? Finally Maggie asks her, and the answer will surprise and delight." (Ages 3-6) 1987/2007

The Magical World of Strega Nona: A Treasury. IN PRINT The Magical World of Strega Nona: A Treasury includes: Strega Nona; Strega Nona Meets Her Match; Strega Nona, Her Story; Strega Nona Takes a Vacation; Strega Nona's Harvest; Strega Nona's Gift; new introductions to each story; map of Strega Nona's town; family-friendly recipes; an original lullaby with sheet music; AND a CD of the lullaby, and Tomie reading Strega Nona, Her Story. (Ages 4-8) 2015

Marcos Colors. "Marcos, the youngest Barker, learns all the colors of the rainbow from Morgie. He's Moffie's twin brother. Morgie says the colors in English, and Marcos repeats them in Spanish. A fresh way to present a basic concept - and have fun doing it! In a companion book, Marcos Counts - One, Two, Three, Moffie teaches Marcos how to count from one to ten." (Ages 1-3) 2003 BARKER TWINS BOOKS

Marcos Counts. "Marcos, the youngest Barker, learns to count from one to ten from Moffie. She's Morgie's twin sister. Moffie says the numbers in English, and Marcos repeats them in Spanish. A fresh way to present a basic concept - and have fun doing it! In a companion book, Marcos Colors - Red, Yellow, Blue, Morgie shows Marcos all the colors of the rainbow." (Ages 1-3) 2003 BARKER TWINS BOOKS

Marc the Magnificent, by Sue Alexander. "'Someday, I, Marc the Magnificent, will be famous,' muses a budding young magician as he begins his first magic trick. It seems simple enough but try as hard as he may, Marc soon learns that success does not come as easily as daydreams. Does perseverance pay off? Sue Alexander's easy-to-read story and Tomie dePaola's inimitable pictures add up to a triumphant 'Yes!'" (Ages 4-8) 1978

Marianna May and Nursey. "Nursey always wears white and so does Marianna May. When Marianna May rolls in the grass, makes mud pies, and eats orange ice or strawberry ice cream, Nursey doesn't like it. She makes Marianna May sit on the porch, where she can't get dirty. Marianna May grows sadder and sadder until Mr. Talbot, the iceman, thinks up a clever idea to cheer her up." (Ages 5-8) 1983

Mary Had a Little Lamb, by Sarah Josepha Hale. "'Mary Had a Little Lamb' has been recited by American children across the country ever since it first appeared as a 24-line poem called 'Mary's Lamb' in Poems for Our Children in 1830. Here, the entire poem has been reprinted with its original spacing, punctuation, and gender. Children will delight in Mary's pet lamb following her to school, its waiting patiently for her outside, and the teacher's explanation for why Mary's lamb loves her so much. Tomie dePaola's stunning illustrations bring new life to this classic." (Ages 3-6) 1984 More Information

Mary, the Mother of Jesus. eBook "Mary has captured the hearts of people throughout the centuries. Great cathedrals have been built in her honor. Many Christians venerate her image. Nearly 80,000 visions of Mary have been claimed since the third century, A.D. Drawing on scripture, legend, and tradition, Tomie dePaola retells the story of Mary's life in fifteen beautifully illustrated segments. Beginning with her childhood, he follows her life as she becomes bethrothed, is visited by the angel Gabriel, gives birth to Jesus, and follows His ministry until her death and assumption into Heaven. With simplicity and reverence, Mr. dePaola illumines her story for young people." (Ages 4 and up) 1995

Meet the Barkers: Morgan and Moffat Go to School. IN PRINT "The Barker twins are about to go to school for the first time. Morgie and Moffie can't wait. First it's off to buy backpacks and pencil boxes, and then it's off to school! As the week goes on, Moffie, who always has to be first, wins gold stars, and Morgie, who loves everybody, makes friends. But by the end of the week each has helped the other understand how to make new friends and earn gold stars, and the Barker twins both LOVE school! Tomie dePaola's newest, most lovable characters, Morgie and Moffie, make their picture book debut in this irresistible story about starting school on the right paw." (Ages 4-8) 2001 BARKER TWINS BOOKS

Merry Christmas, Strega Nona. IN PRINT "Hang on to your pasta pots, Strega Nona fans! The much-loved 'Grandma Witch' - first created by Tomie dePaola for his celebrated 1976 Caldecott Honor book, Strega Nona - is back. So is Big Anthony, Strega Nona's bumbling assistant, and Bambolona, the overworked baker's daughter who learned to make magic from Strega Nona. In this, Tomie dePaola's fourth book in the Italian folktale tradition, it's Christmastime in the little town in Calabria. There is no time for Strega Nona's usual business of curing headaches, mixing love potions, and getting rid of warts. Instead, it's time for her annual feast for the whole town, complete with baccala, or Italian codfish stew, roasted peppers, and Christmas cookies. Christmas has a magic of its own, and no one knows more about magic than Strega Nona. Certainly not Big Anthony. But poor Strega Nona: How will she ever have her feast ready by Christmas Eve - with untrustworthy Big Anthony as her only helper? How Big Anthony proves he has at long last learned a thing or two about magic makes for a warm, beautifully illustrated tale that will charm the hearts of children - and be a cause for celebration among Strega Nona fans of all ages." (Ages 4-8) 1986

Mice Squeak, We Speak, by Arnold L. Shapiro. IN PRINT "This delightful poem with art from Tomie dePaola is a perfect first book for sharing with young children. Crickets creak. Mice squeak. Sheep baa. But I SPEAK! Three children lead us through a menagerie of animals and the sounds they make. Young children won't be able to resist roaring, hooting, and neighing along!" (Ages 2-5) 1997

Michael Bird-Boy. IN PRINT/eBook "A young boy who loves the countryside sets out to find the source of the black cloud that hovers above it. This fortieth anniversary edition of Tomie dePaola's classic picture book use a light touch to address environmental themes just as relevant today as when this book was initially published." (Ages 4-8) 1975/2015

Miracle on 34th Street, by Valentine Davies. "Bustling New York City has lost the Christmas spirit... until a white-haired old fellow by the improbable name of Kris Kringle works a special magic at Macy's flagship store on 34th Street. As Macy's very unconventional store Santa, Kris single handedly sparks a new spirit of giving throughout the city. Yet he is troubled by one skeptical six-year-old and her unrelentingly 'modern' mother who don't believe in him. Can he convince them of the power of love and faith and prove to them that he is the real Santa Claus? Valentine Davies' treasured holiday fable - perhaps best known to millions of people in its classic film version - comes to life in this delightful edition with nineteen luminous paintings by the beloved illustrator, Tomie dePaola. Brimming with nostalgia, hope, and tender humor, Miracle on 34th Street reminds you that, as Kris says, 'underneath all the hurry and bustle people still believe in Santa Claus.'" (Ages 7 and up) 1984

The Miracles of Jesus. IN PRINT "After Jesus of Nazareth was baptized, he began his public life and performed many miracles. Starting with 'The Wedding at Cana,' Mr. dePaola retells the stories of twelve miracles. Among the ones he's chosen are 'The Calming of the Storm,' 'The Loaves and the Fishes,' and 'The Raising of Lazarus.'" (Ages 4 and up) 1987

The Mixed-Up Mystery Smell, by Eleanor Coerr. "'Detectives at Work - Go Away' reads the sign about the clubhouse door. Marsha, Nobby, and Kate are at work on the case of the mixed-up mystery smell. Kate has found a strange and mysterious smell coming from the scary old house on Grizzly Hill! 'Maybe a witch is in the house, making a brew of toad's ears and hairy spiders and crawly things,' Marsha suggested. Kate shivered. Notebooks, pencils, and magnifying glass in hand, they decide to investigate. Cautiously they proceed to the scene of the smell. They've never had a mystery to solve quite like this before!" (Ages 4-8) 1976

The Monsters' Ball. "To tell the truth, the monsters were bored, just plain bored! Children didn't seem to scare as easily as they used to, so what could a monster do? After much thought, the monsters came up with a solution to their problem: They would give a ball! All the monsters were very excited: Committees were formed and plans were made. The monsters spent days making themselves as pretty and handsome as possible. They bought fans and false eyelashes, ruffled shirts and rings for their paws and claws. One daring gentleman even said that he planned to wear a gold earring! But when the big night finally arrived, the monsters were in for an even bigger surprise." (Ages 4-8) 1970

The Moon's Almost Here, by Patricia MacLachlan. IN PRINT/eBook "Nighttime is approaching as each animal readies itself for bed in this lyrical picture book. In striking paintings with a calming palette, Tomie dePaola imagines the scene through the eyes of mime Pierrot and his child." (Ages 4-8) 2016

The Mountains of Quilt, by Nancy Willard. "A grandmother is busy making quilts. Four magicians gather for lunch. A magpie and a runaway carpet turn everything topsy-turvy, and the result is Nancy Willard's extraordinary story. These magic pictures by Tomie dePaola were painted under the light of the baseball moon." (Ages 4-8) 1987

My First Angels, Board Book. "From the Wake-Up Angel to the Good-Night Angel - with visits from the Reading Angel and the Playtime Angels in between - Tomie dePaola introduces children to a precious collection of everyday angels." (Ages 3-5) 2005/2011

My First Bible Stories, Board Book. "This little collection features three tales lovingly illustrated by Tomie dePaola. From the creation of the world to Noah's ark to David and Goliath, children will love reading along with these well-known Bible stories." (Ages 3-5) 1990/2010

My First Chanukah, Board Book. IN PRINT "With simple text and cheerful watercolor artwork, Tomie dePaola introduces the traditions and symbols of Chanukah celebrations - a perfect gift for babies and toddlers." (Ages 3-5) 1989

My First Christmas, Board Book. IN PRINT/eBook "With simple text and cheerful watercolor paintings, Tomie dePaola introduces the traditional symbols of Christmas celebrations - a perfect gift for babies and toddlers." (Ages 3-5) 1988/2015

My First Christmas Carols, Board Book. "This collection features six Christmas carols lovingly illustrated by Tomie dePaola. From 'Deck the Halls' to 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas,' children will love singing along with these well-known tunes." (Ages 3-5) 1987/2010

My First Easter, Board Book. IN PRINT/eBook "With simple text and cheerful watercolor artwork, Tomie dePaola emphasizes the importance of family and sharing in this gentle introduction to Easter - a perfect gift for babies and toddlers." (Ages 3-5) 1990

My First Fairy Tales, Board Book. "This little collection features four classic fairy tales lovingly illustrated by Tomie dePaola. From The Princess and the Pea and Rumpelstiltskin to The Three Bears and The Elves and the Shoemaker, children will love reading along with all of their favorite characters." (Ages 3-5) 1986/2009

My First Halloween, Board Book. IN PRINT/eBook "With simple text and cheerful watercolor paintings, Tomie dePaola introduces the fun traditions of Halloween celebrations - a perfect gift for young children." (Ages 3-5) 1991

My First Legends: The Story of Bluebonnet, Board Book. "She-Who-Is-Alone's people have seen no rain for ages. But when She-Who-Is-Alone decides to take matters into her own hands, the result surprises even her. Children will love reading this legend about how the bluebonnet flower came to be." (Ages 3-5) 1983/2011

My First Mother Goose, Board Book. IN PRINT/eBook "This little collection of Mother Goose is lovingly illustrated by Tomie dePaola. From Humpty Dumpty and Georgie Porgie to Little Miss Muffet and the old woman who lived in a shoe, children will love reading and laughing along with all of their favorite characters." (Ages 3-5) 1985/2009

My First Passover, Board Book. IN PRINT/eBook "With simple text and cheerful watercolor paintings, Tomie dePaola gently introduces the special traditions of Passover - a perfect gift for babies and toddlers." (Ages 3-5) 1990

My First Songs, Board Book. "This little collection features ten songs lovingly illustrated by Tomie dePaola. From 'Three Blind Mice' to 'Rain, Rain, Go Away,' children will love singing along with these well-known tunes." (Ages 3-5) 1985/2010

My First Thanksgiving, Board Book. IN PRINT/eBook "A perfect book for families to introduce Thanksgiving to toddlers and young children, who will rejoice in all the events of this special day - remembering the Pilgrims, preparing a feast, giving thanks, and much more." (Ages 3-5) 1992

My Mother Is So Smart! IN PRINT/eBook "Moms are pretty awesome. They know just what to do to make a kid happy and the world a better place. They are so smart! Tomie dePaola's heartfelt ode to the fabulousness of moms is a perfect book for the whole family to share." (Ages 4-8) 2010